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          How to identify the hardness and wear resistance of toothed blade?

          Release time:2022-03-15

          High hardness and wear resistance

          Hardness is the basic characteristic of toothed blade material. The tooth shaped blade needs to cut chips from the workpiece, and its hardness needs to be greater than that of the workpiece material. The chip edge hardness of the toothed blade used for chip metal is generally above 60HRC. Wear resistance is the ability of a material to resist wear. Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the toothed blade material, the better its wear resistance. The higher the hardness, the more the number, the smaller the particles and the more uniform the distribution, the better the wear resistance. The wear resistance is also related to the chemical composition, strength, microstructure and the temperature of the friction zone. The wear resistance of the material can be expressed by the formula WR / we = kico 5e-0.8h1. 43 in the formula, the higher the hardness, the better the wear resistance.

          Sufficient strength and toughness

          In order to make the toothed blade work under great pressure and under the conditions of impact and vibration often occurred in the cutting process without edge collapse and fracture, the mechanical blade material needs to have sufficient strength and toughness.

          High heat resistance

          Heat resistance is the main symbol to measure the cutting performance of toothed blade materials. It refers to the performance that the toothed blade material maintains the agreed hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness under high temperature conditions. The toothed blade material should also have the ability of not easy to oxidize at high temperature and good anti adhesion and anti diffusion ability, that is, the supporting material should have good chemical stability.

          Good thermophysical properties and thermal shock resistance

          The better the thermal conductivity of the toothed blade material, the easier the cutting heat is to disperse from the cutting area, which is conducive to reducing the cutting temperature.

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